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Barnstormers Aerial Advertising LLC is the largest Banner Advertising company in the United States. We have created marketing packages in the air for some of the top industries and companies in the world, for more than 35 years.

Barnstormers maintains, owns, and operates the largest fleet of banner planes in the U.S. as well as the entire world.

Whether you need a banner to ask your girlfriend to marry you or you need a turn key marketing package for your fortune 500 company, we have done it!

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budweiser_aerial_advertising   Budweiser Inc.
heineken_aerial_advertising   Heineken Inc.
mcdonalds_aerial_advertising   McDonalds Corp.
mgm_grand_aerial_advertising   MGM Grand
fox_tv_aerial_advertising   Fox Televison
sons_of_anarchy_aerial_advertising   Sons Of Anarchy
coca_cola_aerial_advertising   Coca Cola Corp.
  Eagles Beachwear
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When you hear an airplane you instinctively look up. That is what makes this form of advertising so effective. Aerial advertising reaches people away from home and work, generally in an environment where they are relaxed. Few forms of media have access to such a receptive audience.

  • 88% Of the people surveyed recalled the passing of the banner within the last 30 minutes.
  • 79% Of the people surveyed recalled what was advertised.
  • 67% Of the people surveyed could recall at least one-half of the message.

Literally hundreds of thousands of prospects can be reached at a cost of less than $5 per thousand! Aerial advertising is four times more cost effective than print media!


When the State of Maine instituted a lottery, over $100,000 was budgeted to promote awareness of the lottery using a wide variety of media.

Questionnaires compiled for the State Commerce Department by Northeast Marketing of Yarmouth showed that during the campaign 70% of the people sampled were aware of the lottery.

Professional Sporting Events
Barnstormers Aerial Advertising flys banner campaigns for NFL games, Major League Baseball, College Football games, college baseball games, and other local sporting events. One of our biggest consumers of banner advertising is Nascar Event Sponsors.

Special Occasions
We are your source for banner advertising in any special occasion. We fly banners for marriage proposals, birthdays, anniversaries, new birth celebrations, graduations, and any other special occasion you can dream of no matter how small.

Beach Advertising Banners
Our biggest campaigns take place at Americas beach front destinations. There is simply no better avenue to reach potential customers than when they are relaxing on the beach during a family vacation.


Nascar Events
Imagine your company or personel message is displayed in front of over 100,000 screaming NASCAR fans. We can put it there!


The first time Barnstormers Aerial Advertising flew our billboard our phones would not stop ringing. There is no other medium which touches aerial advertising in my market and I will continue to use aerial advertising in my future marketing plans!
                                      Richard Thomas
                                    Thomas Outdoors

Barnstromers Aerial Advertising has given me a 15-20% boost in sales revenue every year for the past 20 years. The beach vacation market is one of the most competitive venues to conduct business period. Without my banners flying everyday, I would be in a bind for sure. Thanks Guys!
                                      Frank Hudson
                                  Beach Enterprises


I am in a remote location. Can Barnstormers Aerial Advertising get a plane and banner to me?

Barnstormers owns and operates the largest fleet of aerial advertising planes in the world. We have planes within reach of any location within the lower 48 states.

Planes must be expensive to fly. Can I afford aerial advertising.

You can't afford to not aerial advertise. This is the most cost effective medium available. Call us now to get a rate quote that meets your budget!

Do you fly in bad weather?


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